dac help for hard drive digital.

I need a recommendation based on experience for a dac that Ican use with both my cdp and a computer setup for non-compressed cds on a hard drive. my home system uses a chord 64 and I am used to at least that quality level. I intend to store 100's of cds on a hard drive for use on an office system-totem forests, plinius 8200 and cd drive-and also download some of the cds to an iriver-because it has a rca digital out. any and all comments welcome. Oh, btw, I need at least two digital inputs given the configuration. thx.
I'm not sure what your budget is, but it's possible that the Birdland Odeon-AG might work well for you.

You can switch between three inputs: Two toslinks, and then a BNC and XLR connector share the third input (only one of them will be active so you can't use 'em both at the same time). The BNC input can be fitted with an adaptor to accept an RCA cable. Outputs are via RCA jacks. The unit has an analog volume control and is quite compact (9" wide by 7" deep by 1.5" tall).

Here's a link to Birdland's page on the Odeon-AG:


I'm sure there are plenty of other worthy choices out there; this just happens to be one that I'm familiar with because I own and sell it, and think it's pretty good.

If you'd like an in-home audition and don't have a local dealer, let me know.