DAC Help

Could everyone give me some insight to what kind of outboard DAC is equal in performance to the built-in DAC in my B&K AVR 307, and opinions on whether or not to go outboard ? Using a Adcom GCD-700 as CD Player. (NO Adcom bashing PLEASE!!) Thanks alot.
Also, what will upsampling do for me? do i need this feature ? thanks...
Justy--no adcom bashing here...however...your dac can only decipher the information that your transport sends to it. Typically having separate power supplies, better isolation, and single duty components (as opposed to components that handle two or more tasks within a box) is a sonic advantage. In your case, however, this may not be money well spent. You may better yourself by upgrading to a better one box player.
Justy, I'm not totally familiar with the B&K receiver, but my understanding is that all inputs are digitized. Eg, an analog in (a tuner, a CD player, etc.) will be subject to the receiver's A/D then D/A. So, I'm missing your point in trying to add a separate DAC. If you add a DAC, then your receiver will digitize that. Am I understanding you correctly? If so, that's why we want to have an analog bypass in these types of receivers. Then you get all of the advantages of a separate DAC or a good single box player.
Justy, I have an Avr 202 and use the stereo direct option (analog in) via a Marantz cc48 changer/MSB Link DAC II/ Monarchy DIP 24/96. This works very well. I would try running the analog out of the Adcom as well as the digital connection and see which one you prefer. If neither is acceptable, I'd try looking into outbord Dacs then. Hope this helps. It's my understanding that the B&K does not'digitize' all inputs. This was a consideration for me in getting acceptable 2 channel performance combined with HT. I'm pleased with this set-up. Very good to great soundstaging and resolution. (speakers are Totem Model One's-non bi-wire with a KEF Coda S ((so so)) Sub run in "Ultra" mode) Again, Hope this helps. I'd like to know how things turn out for you.