Hi i have a Parasound DAC hooked up to a Denon CDP.I am using the Coaxial output.However i am using a Normal interconnect cable to hook it up,not the 75 ohm coaxial cable.I have noticed that the sound sometimes cuts off for a split second then comes on again.Could it be the cable??Is it absolutely neccessary that i use the right cable??Also i noticed that when i turn On and Off other electrical appliances in my hall the same thing happens.Could it be that my DAC is faulty. Any comments much appreciated.Thanks.
Try another interconnect to rule out faulty interconnect. Unplug dac and replug in 5 minutes.This will reset the electronics if there is an overload of faulty readings.On some dacs a static discharge from a touch can create the above problem.Any interconnect should work with no problems,however digital interconnects will slightly improve the sound.Also have your home electrical system checked out.
Go to Radioshack and buy a 75 ohm video cable. This is what Stereophile recomends to start with. Use only 75 ohm cables for digital. Do not give up on using a DAC. It is the only way to get good sound.
Sounds more like the muting turning on due to mistracking to me. Or it could be a clock problem that causes the DAC to de-synchronise from the transport. Neither case is likely to be caused by the interconnect. However, if you can spear it, get a Kimber DV-30 as it is reasonably priced and true 75 Ohm.
I have the exact same problem with my Anthem CD1 and my EAD TheaterMaster combo. I use a WireWorld Gold Starlight II digital coax cable. I have been researching the problem and from what I can come up with it has to do with a spike on the electrical that's being caused by the light switches for fluorscent lights, ceiling fans, washer machine, etc. The spike gets past all forms of audio power conditioners. They actually make a product for the computer industry you can look up. I have found ways to lessen the problem in my system. First I upgraded the power wiring running to the transformer in my cd player/transport from 18ga. to 16ga. 6 nines solid core. Next I replaced the digital output wiring from 22ga. solid core copper to Kimber 19ga. silver and a WBT RCA. Both of these upgrades helped lessen the problem. Next I took the power cords of both units and plugged them into the same outlet and that also lessen the problem. Sorry I couldn't be more help but there really is only one solution for your situation since I have been a Parasound CDP1000 owner of the past. Upgrade the digital output and use the glass connection which will solve the problem and its the only way to solve the problem outside of a total isolation system. Good luck
Just another possibility to consider...Lasers do burn out, and if your unit has been getting alot of use, it might be a cause. Typically when a laser is burning out, the sound starts to go blank for brief spurts.
Lasers do burn out, but the first thing to go on CD players is usually the tracking... In response to the original message, it could be the player or the cable. At the very least, get a 75 ohm shielded video cable, or go to the local music store (the type for musicians) and get a cheap digital cable. It also has to do with the bandwidth. Digital signals are at a much higher frequency. I only spent like US$10 for a 3 or 4 meter one, and it works fine.
Here's a quick fix for tracking that might just help. I had a Philips player that was getting very picky and fianlly wouldn't make it through an entire cd without hanging up. I took off the cover and very gently cleaned the rails that the laser mechanism rides on. Then I put a couple drops of Mobil 1 synthetic lubricating spray on the rails for lube. Instant fix! It has since been moved out to the garage for the past 2 years and has not acted up once even in the hot and cold. Do not try to cheap out and use regular motor oil no matter how light weight it is. The Mobil 1 is extremely slippery but also does not gum up like other lubricating oils. By the way, it also works great in guns.