DAC for Sony SCD 777ES, Levinson, Audio Note?

I recently purchased a Sony SACD, the 777es. Since most of my music is redbook and the Sony's CD playback can be a little harsh, I'm looking to mate it with a good DAC. I've considered Audio Note and Levinson. Would it ba wise to go with a Levinson 360 over the 36? Having the ability to upgrade and handle formats like DVD-A and SACD once those formats allow outboard DAC's makes the $3500 price tag(used) almost justifiable. Secondly, with my Sony as a transport, would the playback trough a 360 be equal to that of a 390 player?
The new Audio Logic DAC is the best DAC I have heard comparing it to Audiomeca, Audio Note. Own the 777 also but it does not sound harsh using an Elrod Sig 3 on it.
Have you ever thought about modification with your
Sony 777es? If you want tube sound modwright is
the way to go.If you want solid state Richard Kern
is onother guy.They are talking about this meitner
gear, you might want to check them also.Sorry no
idea about AN, and ML.
I own an SCD-1 that has had the super clock II and transport mods done by Richard Kern. There is no way anyone could classify its performance as harsh. It is sweet and quite analog sounding. It also provides wonderful base and wide and deep soundstage. There is always better, but its redbook performance was clearly better than my Audio Research CD-2 which I recently sold.
I have my Sony 9000es mod by Dan Wright with tube output
its almost a month now, its so musical, NO HARSCH ALSO,
with DAC and parts upgrade.Now I listen to music not
sound.Give Dan Wright a call see what he will say, I
guarantee you, He is very honest and very nice.Not
connected to Dan, and Iam not working for him either.