DAC for Sonos Connect

Looking for a low cost DAC for my Sonos Connect, to be used primarily for casual listening to Tidal. Will connect with coax. Thinking about $300 used. I am aware of the limitations of Sonos, but with CD and lp as primary sources, I use Sonos for casual listening to Tidal and not willing to do all the upgrades. Hoping to find a DAC that is a particularly good match for this purpose. Thanks.
Keep on eye on the listings here, never know what'll show up :-)
$300 No problem. I'm using Parasound ZDAC on my Sonos for the last 2 years, sounds beautiful on all kind of music.
Asynchronous sample rate conversion for all inputs including the USB input.
I'd look for a used PS Audio Digital Link 3. It's got a nice, big sound that I've found pairs nicely with streaming services.
Found a good deal on the zdac, and very pleased with results...

are you using coax or tos link cable with your sonos?

Congrats on your DAC purchase..! Can't go wrong with Parasound.
I'm using a Transparent Audio Premium coax, and remain quite happy with the sound.
I never tried toslink as I already had the coax and the matching Transparent power cord.