DAC for my Apple / Airport express...suggestions

Hello all,
I have been using my Apple airport express alot more since my CD player (AMC CD6) started having issues into my Sansui (AU717) just with an RCA cable and I was interested in getting a DAC to use to see how it sounds.
I have never used a DAC so I am new to this.

I dont want to spend alot of cash...400 or so.

The DAC will need a toslink input since that is what the AE has as an output.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

I used Musical Fidelity A3.24 DAC with Airport in the previous system with great result. Musical Fidelity has auto sensing input, so you can connect both Airport and CD player at the same time without having to manually switch the inputs. You just need to turn off the one you are not using.
thanks for the suggestions...so many to choose from.
Cheer up, maybe you just stumped everyone :-)

You can probably search this forum and get ideas. The DAC's I see get mentioned are the Theta Chroma (used under $400), and the Monarchy (available for $400 or so used). New options include the Scott Nixon designs (but check to make sure they take toslink) the Ack! Dac's (also check for toslink) and a few others like the Paradisea which pops up often on Ebay. There is another called the Lite DAC that's under $200. Unfortunately, I have no personal experience with any of these.

My last DAC was an Audio Alchemy 3.0 that I sold for $2-300. They don't come up often but they are great DAC's. Hope this helps.
yeah I have been reading alot on the internet and those models/brands have come up for sure. And I have been looking on the audigon for sale and there are a few. the theta chroma is for sale and a constatine and I have been thinking about the lite dac ah-m1 which is new for 225.00. all these have toslink. I just need to decide and try.
thanks for the advice. cheers
If I were buying at this price point, I'd probably buy a Chroma. It's from an company known for state of the art digital that has gone high end only. The units may be a little old but I bet you would like what they deliver.

Disclaimer: No affiliation with anyone selling them here. Good luck.
i run a musiland md-10 in this setup and it sounds good to my ears and is only about $300 from ifi audio, it will also take a usb inpud if thats useful for you
thanks for the advise. the musiland looks good. I saw there was one for sale here but now sale pending...too slow :) but new is resonable. and same thing with the chroma...too slow.
Someone recently told me about the TC Electronic Konnekt 8 as I just bought an Apple Mac Book. The price is certainly right.