DAC for Linn Gear

I was wondering what DAC would be a good match for an all Linn system. My current system is:
1. Linn Kolektor
2. Linn LK-85 (2 amps in aktiv)
3. Linn Katan Monitors
4. Rel sub
5. Audiotron Networked Media PLayer with Toslink out.

My transport is an Audioton which unfortunatley only has Toslink out. I could purchase a Monarchy Audio DIP to make the conversion to SPDIF. I am currently using a Soundstream / Krell DA-1.
My current choice would for new converters in order of preference would be:
1. Scott Nixon DAC (non tube)
2. Channel Island

Chord Dac 64
You could easily get the transport modded to add a S/PDIF coax out. The DAC's you mention are mid-line, but inexpensive and pretty good values.

You should also consider using a laptop with a USB interface to drive your system. This will be superior to any transport, modded or not. There is a lot of freeware available for ripping and playback that is very high quality.
Hi Audioengr.
The auiotron operates like a laptop except that it allows me to remotley store my music files adn then spool them over ethernet. The AT (audioton) then spits out the audio in either a digital or (very poor analog format), hence the post for the DAC.
In my experience this is a preferable setup to using a laptop for a few reason:
1. The AT look slieka piece of audio gear and at 17" wide fits into my rack with everything else.
2. No ambient noise from chassis fans or hardrives
3. Clean and easy interface.
However there are some definite down sides to this setup so i am interested to hear more baout your setup:
1. What USB device? I currently have a stereolink as part of a seondary system adn although i like it, it does not come close to a good solid DAC
2. What type of laptop and where to you keep the audio files, locally or spooled over a LAN?