DAC for iPod/iPhone

Is there a portable DAC into which one can connect an iPod and/or iPhone on end and earphones or headphone into the other?


How portable? I use a Nuforce icon ido on my nightstand. I love this thing for headphones. It also provides a preamp analog out which I run into an amp with speakers.
Interesting device, but with a separate power supply it is not very portable, alas.

Have a look at iFiAudio's nano iDSD.

That may be what you are looking for. They are also planning a micro (slightly larger) iDSD with improved headphone amps.

You can also look at Algorhythms's Cypher Solo which I have been using.
Look at JDS Labs website. They've got a DAC/headphone amp that works with modern idevices.
Thanks Peter and DH. I already have a JDS portable headphone amp which I think is an excellent piece, so I respect the company.

I would highly recommend the Pure i20. $85 on Amazon. Great DAC and clean digital out if you use another DAC. With headphones I recommend deiving the analog outs of the i20 toa tube headphone amp. Nothing like tubes for headphones.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Buy a Chord HUGO. FULL STOP!

Its not inexpensive but it is terrific. Reference level dac, smaller than an 8 track tape (or a paper back book for you youngsters) very light weight, 14 hour battery life, will drive 3 sets of head phones simultaneously, rca's out, bluetooth, spdif rca/toslink and 2 usb inputs....its a swiss army knife of a dac/headamp. I bought for portability but Ive got it in my main rig right now and its mesmerizing.....The dac section alone may set the audio world on its ear.

On another forum I have already predicted it will receive many product of the year awards. This thing is crazy good. Go listen for yourself but call ahead to make sure your local Chord dealer has one for demo, dealers can't keep them in stock. It has a natural rhythm and flow....simply stunning.

This product and others like it are exactly what our hobby needs badly: products that are TRUE advancements. Chord has hit a grand slam with this one and I've never owned any other Chord products. Other dacs that have passed through my system through the years: Mytek, Wadia 581i, Playback Designs MPD3, Audio Research DAC8, McIntosh MDA1000.....all are great but the HUGO belongs in this group as a DAC. try for yourself, YMMV, no affilations with the industry.
take a look at the AlgoRhythm Solo R from Cypher Labs (a company in Oregon):


at the bottom it has a note on Package Contents & it says "Cypher Labs straps to bundle devices for travel"
Maybe this fits your bill?