DAC for Exposure 2010s+Harbeth compact 7

Wonder if anyone can recommend a DAC for the above setup. Music are mainly classical + some vocal. Right now I'm using my headphone AMP as DAC which has a tube and Solid state output. The problem is that I also needs to use the AMP for my headphone. Music source is Squeezebox Classic.

calyx or EE minimax. Use with the same setup.
thanks very much for suggestion, Meiwan. Did a google on EE minimax. It's actually similar to the headamp I'm using in the aspect that it has both tube and SS output, which I like. Will do a bit more research.
Tons of great DAC options out there. Of which the EE Minimax is certainly one.

Can you give us an idea of your ideal budget, and an idea of any features you would like, or characteristics of music that you are most drawn to?
Thanks, Roscoeiii. I'm a beginner but I tried to answer. Budget wise would like to stay under 1k, feature wise I just need SPDIF interface since I'm feeding the DAC with Squeezebox. When I read reviews on Calyx, it talks about better quality of USB with high sampling rate compared to SPDIF but in my case I only need SPDIF since I do not intend to replace squeezebox with something else with USB interface.

Music wise I listen to a lot of piano work, sonata, concerto, etc., but also like large scale symphony work.

Thanks for any other suggestions.