DAC for entry level system

I have an entry level system.
Speakers: Vienna acoustics Bach.
Plinius 8100 integrated amp.
Arcam CD72 player.
Logitech squeesbox touch.
I would like to buy a DAC to my system(prefer used to get more for the money), but I don’t know what price level of DAC will get me much better result compare to the internal DAC that I have now in the Arcam and the Logitec. Will(example of price groups) $179 HRT music steamer II will do it? Or $379 Musical fidelity V-DAC MKII, or $649 Simaudio 100D, or $995 Rega dac.
whatever dac you get suggest you get a decent digital cable between it and your transport - it will make a difference

Yes the ODAC only has a USB input. No frills, but the sound is good.


The HRT Streamer II+ is something I may also have to try.
It seems to me that you are looking for a DAC that will serve both the Arcam and the Squeesbox, and therefore looking for 2 SPDIF inputs. Is this true?
You right Mesch, although I hope to use the Squeesbox as the main source and not deal so much with CD's.
Since no one has mentioned it, I'll throw out the Emotiva XDA-2 DAC. I don't think that anyone will say that it's the best sounding DAC out there, but it does sound good and offers a lot of flexibility for the price tag of $400.

When I first got my XDA-1, I compared it to a few lower priced DACs such as the V-Dac, the little Arcam (can't remember the model) and one or two others. I sent them all back. Not because they necessarily sounded any worse, but because they weren't worth the sacrifice in flexibility.