DAC for CEC TL51x

I was just curious what people here think of my DAC/transport combo. My transport is a CEC TL51x the DAC is use is a Wadia 12 the digital interlink I use is a Pure note Paragon AES/ebu.
Next comes my Rotel RC980bx and a Rotel RB1070, the pre amp is modded, better power supply and opamps. My speakers are Impulse Aria SE (2.5 way speakers with 2 14cm bass/mids and a ringradiator tweeter)

Some pics of the speakers (not my own but they are the same model)

My speaker cable is the wireworld Atlantis 5 and interconnects are Cardas Hexlink. (Could use 1 more pair)

Now back to the question, what do you think of my DAC, since it is rather old is it worth thinking about an upgrade? Should I have it modded? What other DACS are out there that don't break the bank. I paid about 500euro for the DAC.

All advice is welcome.
I use a Lessloss DAC 2004 MkII that the TL-51X is slaved to which sounds great. However the Lessloss is way over your budget. I would seek out a Monarchy M24 DAC if you can find one used. Generally around $750. Other than that in your price range it may pay to sit awhile until you can increase your budget.
Isn't a 3000euro DAC a bit overkill for a 1500euro transport? Or compared to the rest of my system. It sure is a nice DAC with the master/slave clock. I am not really sure what all the other options do but it sounds impressive. Maybe I wait a few year and see if they will become availeble 2ns hand. Im in no hurry.
First I would upgrade your speaker cable. I highly recommend Clear Day solid core silver shotgun. Sounds expensive but they are not.