DAC for CAL Icon II

Anyone know of a good used DAC & digital cable combo for the CAL Icon II? Would the Icon II need an anti-jitter unit? Also, what the benefit of 24/96 vs. HDCD? Thanks, Xuangster
Try a used adcom gda-600 ($350 used ) with an Illuminations D-60 coax digital interconnect ($168 for .5 meter). Enjoy your CD's until the new dvd audio-only standard comes out.
Try the CAL Alpha (can be upgraded to 24/96)- it's a good match for the Icon II. Either the Illuminations D-60 or DV-75 are appropriate interconnects here. You should not need jitter control, but a Genesis Digital Lens is always a good addition. The newest DACs (24/96) will do a better job with the 16/44 format and typically include improved receiver chips, further increasing jitter control.