"DAC DUMB" needs info.

I have a friend with a Adcom GCD-700. He has been running it with the variable out so he can use the CDP remote volume.He also likes the sound the best this way and runs it through the preamp.His preamp has no remote, and he now can't live without a remote volume control.The problem is, the variable out now is shorting out and he often looses volume in one channel.We have taken it apart but there's too much in there to get to the problem area short of removing the carousel.(5 disc)The question is: is there a DAC avaliable with remote volume control? I am pushing him to keep the Adcom as he will only go with a 5 disc.The Adcom is a pretty good 5 disc transport. Im a analog man and Im clueless about DACS......thanks!!!
tell him to get a remote controlled pre.
Jvr-Your comment is not helpful at all.
Please read the question about DACS... I need to learn about DACS!!
d99: what's the budget? if it's in the $15K or more range, he'll find nothing better than the boulder 1012, unless he's willing to go to, say, $36k. plus, with the boulder rig, he can dump his unidentified pre. (BTW, the 1012 has an absolute KILLER phono stage as "standard equipment"; maybe you can talk your buddy into the glories of vinyl, too.) 'course he ought'a dump his carousel, as well. unless he wants to add a few horses that go up-n-down. -kelly
Kelly- I doubt he will want to spend 15-36 K for a DAC for a $700 CDP....some of us dont have that kind of money anyway.
Anyway,do some DACS come with a remote volume??
Lets say.. used for < $1000
The Audio Alchemy v3.0 is remote controllable. No longer in
business but you should be able to find used for around $300. A very good 20-bit DAC.

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THANK YOU WENDELL!!!! Any other DACS with a remote volume worth considering in the used <$!000 range?Thanks again wendall and please post in WHO R U ? and tell us about yourself.
Birdland Audio ODEON-Lite 24/96 DAC for $980 retail
David99: I have a GCD-700 and had the opposite problem a year or so ago where the fixed outputs would intermittently shorted out. I wasn't entirely thrilled with the overall sound of the 700 anyway (I've had it for 5 years - time for a change), so I chose to use it as a transport and purchased a used DAC. For what its worth, the sound of the combo was pretty poor, and my first thought was of course that the DAC wasn't very good. To test this, I swapped in my Pioneer DVD player (503C) and things sounded great. After going back and forth for a while to ensure the differences weren't simply in my head, I came to the conclusion that the 700 just isn't a very good transport. I'm not sure why the digital output should be as poor as it is, but Adcom apparently didn't design this guy to be a quality transport.

Just some food for thought before you attack the system with an external DAC. That said, there are some affordable external DACs I know of that do have volume controls without remotes (Monarchy comes to mind). Is he averse to getting up and adjusting the volume?

The performance vs. convenience issue is as old as it gets. If your buddy could consider living without variable outs and figure out another way to attenuate volume, the Anthem CD changer will likely outperform almost any DAC he could add to the Adcom. My experience with this unit has been the same as Ken's, where the Anthem on the other hand is surprisingly good. It's the only changer I've ever heard that produces real quality sound and is available for around a grand or so. It has a tube DAC stage and unless he leaves it on around the clock, the tube should last him for several years at least. Good luck with whatever you choose.
Thanks guys....I will have Brian read this and see what he says.