DAC connection to PC with USB

Help ! I can't seem to get any sound to my new PS audio DAC111 through the usb connection on the computer. Call PS audio.... They said to go to audio output in the control bar, shut off desktop speakers and select usb output or usb kodac. I said great, that not hard. I can not find any of this in my windows xp control panel.
How do I get music to play from foosbar to my DAC111 through the usb. What settings, and where our they on my computer?? I would have never tryed to make this PC into a music server if I would have known you need a PC geek !!
Thank you for any help you can give to me. Brian
Are these .WAV files? My HeadRoom DAC won't play certain formats [ATRAC, MP3] that aren't the standard CD redbook [16/44.1] or DVD [24/96].
I'm no PC Geek, in fact, I'm not even a fan. I much prefer a Mac. In your Windows XP control panel you should have an Icon for "Sound, Speech and Audio Devices"...that's where your settings live. If you double click that you should be able to find your Audio settings. If the PS Audio device is plugged in and turned on, it should show up there. At least it would on a Mac :-P Good luck. It really should be pretty simple.
In the first place, connect the ULTRA LINK III to the pc. Turn it on... then boot up the PC.

XP 'should' see the new device and provide a driver for it.

PS Audio may and should be able to provide a driver especially for the Link III. At least they should be able to reccomend one that they know works well.

After the above...


Select "Sounds & Audio devices"

Select the AUDIO tab

In the drop down menus, select the PS Audio device for playback.

That should do it.

IF not you'll have to go into the Device manager find and then set the 'new' USB device as the default.

Mind that you continue to keep the Link III connected and powered up, when the PC is to be used with it. otherwise the PC may just revert to it's previous settings... or not. PC's are weird. I've two of them... one does what I tell it, the other does what it wants... sometimes.

Good luck.

Do let us know how or what you had to do to get things going... I'm interested in either the Link III, BC DAC III, and the Wavelength Brick for use with my main PC.
Also, maximize the volume while you are doing what Blindjim recommends.
Not sure about the power of the VTL int, but as I mentioned, doing 60+ wpc with good output Tformers, the BAT is 80 & the MAC is 75.

...and I've yet to hear a speaker whose db rating of less then 90-92 that didn't enjoy power... and Especially those under 88.

I'd think mo po, were it me with those Dyns... as adequate, and proper, are two very different animals.
My Dac will not install into my computer, New Hardware found, but driver had an error, device may not work propely. PS audio will need to find me a driver for my pc to load. Untill driver issue is resolved, I cannot select usb port because my pc dos'nt know anything is hooked to it. I believe my new Dac has issues.
Try grabbing one of these universal ASIO Drivers:



Or here:


Once you have this driver configured, you should not need to force windows to output to the USB driver. You should setup the USB audio device as a ASIO device in Foobar 2000, and then select it in the foobar output options. This way, if you want to use your internal soundcard for something else, such as games or movies you still can.

Best of luck!


Have you any experience with these drivers and other high end usb DACs.... and/or ituens?
Invest $300.00 on a Squeezebox. You can bypass the awful sounding sound card and have total access to everything on your PC. You'll never go back.
Spyglass, just for the record, a USB DAC does bypass the soundcard.