DAC choices -- help me cross the line

My current DAC is Cambridge Audio Azur 851D driving the two channel speaker system in the study. My headphone system consists of a Bluesound Node 2i feeding into a Quicksilver headphone amp. The plan is to put the CA DAC in the headphone chain and sell the Node, so this means I have to purchase a new DAC for the 2 channel system in the study. Here's what the 2 channel system looks like ...
opticalRendu >> CA Azur 851D (to be replaced) >> Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum 2 >> Harbeth P3esr

So what am I looking for? Heft, holographic, a bit of warmth, big organic sound, tonal richness. I don't mind sacrificing a bit of neutrality or accuracy. I listen to all kinds of music but am partial to jazz, vocals, classic rock. 

I almost pulled the trigger on a Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ but wanted to take the R2R DACs for a spin just for kicks. I was initially interested in the MHDT Pagoda or Orchid, but their no-return policy is a no go for me. I know some people don't mind, but I really don't want to give my business to a company who doesn't trust its own products.

So this leads me to three final contenders -- AudioMirror Tubadour iii SE, Tubadour iii (regular/non-SE) and the Border Patrol DAC. Really interested in hearing from someone who might have heard at least one of the two, or better yet compared the Audiomirror to one of the MHDT DACs.

Now Audiomirror offers two versions of the Tubadour III -- SE and non-SE, with the SE being a $1000 costlier. Wondering if the sonic improvements are worth the higher $$$ in the SE version. Would love to hear from someone who has had a chance to compare the two.

Also wondering how the Tubadour III regular version compares to MHDT Pagoda. Both are around the same price.

Note: If are going to suggest another DAC, I don't mind. But please make sure it's R2R, < $2500 (used or new), has a return policy, and NOT made in China.

@pastorbob -- How much of an impact did a better USB cable make in your system? I'm currently using the AudioQuest Forest USB cable, which I bought for around $65. I don't necessarily have any complaints but just want to see if I can take it up by another notch. The owner of SmallGreenComputers is recommending the In-Akustik Reference cable since it has good synergy with the opticalRendu which I own. I'll take a look at Curios Cable as well. My budge for USB cable is $350 max -- new or used. Just wondering what kind of improvements, if any, have folks experienced when moving to a mid-priced (< $500) USB cable.
I had my AM Tubadour upgraded to the SE, be ready for a painful break-in with those big caps. It’s certainly worth it. the dac retains its sonic signature,  just a better version. I lost my left channel 5977 minis after about a year and a half. I replaced them with 6N1P-EV NOS <OTK-1> and grabbed a pair of backup minis from Vlad, which I haven’t rolled back in. The Russian tubes are really good too! 
Arafiq Audiogon member Grannyring manufacturer’s a absolutely fabulous USB cable for under you budget , I use two of his Smoked BBQ cables for my Innuos front end I’ve stopped trying other cables .
If you can use a USB cable between your dac and server “without” the 5v leg , find out before buying any USB cable this will further improve performance.
Hey Arafiq,
Even after 20 something years in this audio hobby  and knowing that with analogue systems cables can make a big, big difference I never gave USB cables a thought (seems I'll never learn).

As a newbie in computer / digital sound I just didn't consider the USB link & used whatever generic cable came with the component.
After all, it's just a data stream.
In my "audiophilia nervosa"  at one point I decided to upgrade the USB.

I too got an Audioquest Forest considering this was a decent quality replacement & I could rest assured my connection was adequate.
With the Forest I heard no difference in sound.

About 2 years later I had a few bucks and decide  to  try the the Audioquest Carbon knowing I could return it to Amazon if I didn't like it.
Wow! It opened everything up, to my amazement.

Apparently USB cables could make a difference in how your system sounded & I used that cable for around 2 years.

Then I began to read about the Curious cable.
I decided to give it a try, it also had a return policy.
Well it sounded much better than the Carbon, much more like music.
Not only did detail improve, but all of those qualities we have shared about the Audio Mirror held true.

It is expensive, but, as I said, I do consider it a component.
It made THAT MUCH difference to the SQ of my system.

If you can't spent the 500 or so for the original Curious, I understand.
I would love to try the new Curious Evolved, but have to wait. 

The only piece of gear I would, consider selling to help the cost at this point is my Sennheiser HD700 phones.
And those wouldn't bring enough to offset my enjoyment of them. 

Yes the Audioquest Carbon opened my eyes (ears) to the effect a USB cable could have.
In fact I have kept it.
I would offer to send it to you to try, but Amazon will do the same, more quickly, with painless return.

In addition; I have found that Audioquest has a "house sound" compared to the very best cables.
Their stuff sounds very detailed at first, but it can become really bright and etched too.

There are probably USB cables other than the Curious that will preserve the essence of the music, perhaps at less expense.
I'm sure others will have suggestions.

Here's the bottom line for me:


Again, sorry for the ramble. Hope it contains some useful info.


Just to add, I have no idea how the Curious would affect the sound with the Opt Rendu streamer.