DAC Choice in 47Labs CDP system

Struggling to find a DAC which matches the musicality & emotional involvement of my 47 Flatfish/Progression combo

DAC's tried so far

Audiolab MDAC - awful - got a right toasting

Lampizator Level 3 & 4.5 These two DAC's were analog and natural sounding, but their presentations were as if watching a stage performance - distant. The sound was also rather skinny compared to the fat, fleshed out and 3-D 47.

As the sound with the Lampi's in was just too far away, the musicality just never made an emotional contact

I listened to a Chord Hugo, but that was with some Kef standmounted 'speakers and the overall sound was 'accurate' ('Hi-Fi')... with a top which was slightly edgy & uncomfortable. I am getting the Hugo into my system to trial

Other recommended DAC's from others is the Metrum Octave

My amp is the integrated Leben CS300 (EL84's)

And 'speakers are Zu Druid (101dB efficient) which are neutral to warm sounding
I run a Metrum Octave Mk II with my Zu Essence speakers. My speakers have the upgraded drivers so they are probably very similar to your Druids. I am very pleased with the Octave's sound in my system. It is a very analog sounding DAC. It is neither forward nor laid-back in its presentation, just right. I would second any suggestions recommending the Octave with any Zu speakers. Consensus seems to be that the Metrum Hex is a significant improvement over the Octave, but it is a bit pricier. The Octave is never shrill yet it is quite detailed. It images with great definition and it presents a wide, envelopping, soundstage. What I like about it the most about it is its pacing and rhythm. It is a very engaging DAC. I hope this helps...
Wadia DAC from the 90's
I also own a Leben CS-300 and Zu Druids. My DAC is Yamamoto YDA-
01. It´s a fantastic one, with deep bass and great mids.

I´m wondering why adding a DAC if you´re very happy with the 47
Labs spinner.

"I´m wondering why adding a DAC if you´re very happy with the 47 Labs spinner."

I agree. Why change it if you are happy?

"07-22-14: Syntax
Wadia DAC from the 90's"

What model? Not only that, if you go with a Wadia dac, you really should get a Wadia transport for best results.
Ha ha - why am I wanting a DAC?? Quite

I thought I would dip my feet into Hi-Res but have very quickly realised it isn't all it's cracked up to be and is full of pitfalls and terrible sounding bits of 'Hi-Fi'

Not only that, I am suspecting it is a way of getting middle aged audiophiles to buy their favourite music all over again in yet another format - all the SACD's I ever heard never sounded decent or more enjoyable than red book CD

My aim was never to 'change'anything - I love my 47/Leben/Druid combo. I wanted to hear Hi-Res at a similar enjoyment as what I have now, while not costing a kidney donation

However, the Metrum Octave does seem worth a go - I can get a no obligation trial. The Octave doesn't cost big money and I am curious, so will give it a go

Thanks very much for the comments, much appreciated
I owned the Metrum Octave DAC for a while and it's good sounding, a high value in its price range. Compared directly to the Yamamoto DAC the Metrum wasn't as satisfying. As Daniel wrote earlier, the Yamamoto is exceptionally natural in tone, dynamics and just sounds so organic and right. It preserves the beauty and emotion of music. This Japanese gem goes virtually unnoticed in the USA.