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Which is the better chip AK4495 or ESS9038?

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The “hump” is for IMD and between -20dBFS and -40dBFS. It peaks around -70dB to -75dB at -30dBFS. At -20dBFS it is at around -80dB, which makes it -100dBFS, at -30dBFS is also is around -100dBFS.

Unless my reasoning is wrong, that means it’s well below the noise floor for any room. 
Implementwrion is more important (why the Benchmark using the 9018 still bests cheaper gear using the 9038), but the 9038Q2M is technically better in terms of THD, SNR, DNR; but the 4497 is more competitive, and a more apt comparison (the 4499 just came out and I’m waiting to see what products come out with that).