DAC / CD / Processor Upgrade Help--PLEASE:-

Hello---I have B&W 800n's fronts, 802's sides, HTM2D center, Bryston Monos / Cardas & Transparent mid-level cords & cables/ Sony High-End Bly Ray.

I have a Meridian 500CD player connected directly to my Onkyo 905 receiver---just got a great deal on an MBL 1511D DAC--intent is to connect the CD to the MBL DAC to the Onkyo for now?

Any thoughts on this? Long-term, I want to go to MBL CD and Preamp, but am waiting for the right deal used. I tried a Halcro SSP-200 with the above and actually liked the Onkyo Better--so it is sitting on my dining room table for now.

Any critique, ideas, comments would be welcome as I learn quite a bit from my fellow audiogoners:-)