DAC burn in question

I need to burn in a DAC, connected directly to a poweramp. Here is my (probably dumb) question.

I am thinking that if I play the DAC with the poweramp off, there will be voltage on the outputs, but no (or little) current flowing. Therefore, to burn in the DAC the poweramp needs to be on. Is this a crazy idea?
Wouldn't you only need to play the source component into the DAC and leave the amp powered down? Of course leaving all cables hooked up to the amp.
That is precisely my question? Do I need to keep the amp powered on yes or no?
No. The input impedance of the amp, and hence the amount of current that it draws, is most likely determined primarily by resistors that are connected to its inputs. Those resistors will draw the same amount of current regardless of whether or not the amp is turned on.

-- Al
Thanks. I knew the current draw is a function of the impedance of the circuit connceted to the output. Just was not sure if this impedance changes when the amp is switched off.