DAC Bandwidth settings

Hi all
I have looked on the net but can't see a simple explanation to describe the differences between these bandwidth settings on my DAC:
• slow roll off, linear phase
• slow roll off, minimum phase
• fast roll off, linear phase 
• fast roll off, minimum phase 
• apodizing fast roll off, linear phase 
• hybrid fast roll off, minimum phase 
• brickwall  

My DAC is Wyred 4 Sound Anniversary 2v2SE Limited Edition.

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Use only Linear Phase fast roll off and no apodizing if you want the least distortion. All minimum phase filters cause phase distortion by delaying high frequencies compared to low frequencies. Apodizing reduces resolution - it has no place in a DAC if you value accuracy.

If you don’t care for accuracy then use whatever distortion sounds best to you

@shadorne  thank you. 
Is the fast & slow roll off attributed to high frequencies?
Can you explain the brick wall please?
Slow roll off may lose a bit of audible high frequency and it may suffer from aliasing. It really depends on how slow is slow....as there are many degrees from fast to slow.
I assume use are using an ESS chip, it’s datasheet on pages 55-58 shows the graphs for the frequency and impulse differences for all 7 (doesn’t show phase though), page 53 shows the tech specs.

Apodizing fast is the default for most DACs.

Keep in mind that, while it depends on the DAC, most people I’ve heard from can’t hear a difference, maybe a minute one. 
I would experiment between Apodizing and Fast Linear
The technology matters a lot less than your hearing.

I tend to prefer fast roll off, non-apodizing.

your own mileage will vary, and is certainly very speaker dependent.

@mzkmxcv yes it's the ESS Pro chip. Thanks, I'll experiment...

@erik_squires  thanks, again I'll experiment. 

I also looking to purchase Wyred 4Sound DAC 1v2 with Femto clock.
my question is it great DAC as I read the reviews of the Wyred 2v2?
@cincyjim  I had the 2v2SE & that is a great DAC but I was too curious so purchased the Anniversary model & it's fantastic. Tremendous detail but still smooth. I recommend you try it...
But...I'm considering a significant jump to the Aqua Formula xHD... although I'm not sure I can justify spending that much on a DAC. 
I find it odd the tech specs for the 10th anniversary edition is exactly the same, granted the specs are not extensive. Would like to see these measures to see what  they improved to warrant ~2x the price.