DAC Bandwidth settings

Hi all
I have looked on the net but can't see a simple explanation to describe the differences between these bandwidth settings on my DAC:
• slow roll off, linear phase
• slow roll off, minimum phase
• fast roll off, linear phase 
• fast roll off, minimum phase 
• apodizing fast roll off, linear phase 
• hybrid fast roll off, minimum phase 
• brickwall  

My DAC is Wyred 4 Sound Anniversary 2v2SE Limited Edition.

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Use only Linear Phase fast roll off and no apodizing if you want the least distortion. All minimum phase filters cause phase distortion by delaying high frequencies compared to low frequencies. Apodizing reduces resolution - it has no place in a DAC if you value accuracy.

If you don’t care for accuracy then use whatever distortion sounds best to you

Slow roll off may lose a bit of audible high frequency and it may suffer from aliasing. It really depends on how slow is slow....as there are many degrees from fast to slow.