DAC Bandwidth settings

Hi all
I have looked on the net but can't see a simple explanation to describe the differences between these bandwidth settings on my DAC:
• slow roll off, linear phase
• slow roll off, minimum phase
• fast roll off, linear phase 
• fast roll off, minimum phase 
• apodizing fast roll off, linear phase 
• hybrid fast roll off, minimum phase 
• brickwall  

My DAC is Wyred 4 Sound Anniversary 2v2SE Limited Edition.

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@shadorne  thank you. 
Is the fast & slow roll off attributed to high frequencies?
Can you explain the brick wall please?
@mzkmxcv yes it's the ESS Pro chip. Thanks, I'll experiment...

@erik_squires  thanks, again I'll experiment. 

@cincyjim  I had the 2v2SE & that is a great DAC but I was too curious so purchased the Anniversary model & it's fantastic. Tremendous detail but still smooth. I recommend you try it...
But...I'm considering a significant jump to the Aqua Formula xHD... although I'm not sure I can justify spending that much on a DAC.