DAC Balanced Cable Upgrade Question

My current system, which has evolved over time, includes: Audio Physic Virgo 11 speakers, new BAT VK-3ix pre amp (has warmed up the system), runnnig through Harmonic Technology Pro Silway 111 rca cable to the amp section of an older Classe Cap 150 Iintegrated Amp (only has rca inputs). I am using a Benchmark DAC-1 off a CAL Audio Labs Icon MK11 as a transport - but the cable from the Benchmark to the BAT is an inexpensive balanced cable (not sure of make). I am considering upgrading the cable to a new Harmonic Technology Pro Silway 111 Plus balanced cable. Any advice whether this will be worth the steep price - other options, or am I on the right track?
I would wait until the Gabriel Gold balanced ICs go up on Audiogon auction. There is a notice that this will be happening soon. You can probabably get them for a reasonable price and in my experience they are excellent. I think you would be happy with them.
I don't notice all that much change in output with balanced as I do with RCA terminations. i am sure it is there. You might look at some virtual systems hereabouts and see what is being used.
Thanks - Rja and Unclejeff for your input - do you have any thoughts about Speltz anti-cables? They seems to come up on a lot of the threads. It raises the issue of price vs performance. I guess there is only one way to find out but I am curious about your reaction.
Here's a way to explore:

Go to www.fatwyre.com

It is not listed on the web page but they have a free-of-charge cable lending library. You need to call them.