DAC as a preamp?

I need a new DAC. I use my computer for volume control, but do not trust it. I want separate volume control. The 90s me would have immediately thought preamp. But since I need a new DAC, my question stands ... DAC as a preamp?
I've posted more info about my system below.
I need some advice on the best way to go about getting volume control for these powerful asp1000 amplifiers. I've read about the high input impedance. I use a computer for my source playing Flac, wav or hi-res audio files. I'm using a very simple dongle Style USB DAC that sounds okay. I have choices, but do not know what my best bet is. For simplicity, it would seem I should just buy a better desktop DAC, such as and SMSL M500 and use the volume control knob on front. Or ANY other DAC with a volume control for that matter. I know I can use my volume control the USB. Provides through the keyboard on my computer. But with amplifiers this powerful, I figure I should have a volume control to prevent issues such as full volume noise blasts, which have happened before when the computer glitches. My second option would be to purchase a regular preamp. This would be the most expensive option, as I would want something at least as good as the Schitt Freya +, and that is $900! I would still need a decent DAC upgrade. This gets expensive with my health issues at hand. The last way I could go, is something like an all tube gain stage. I would still need a DAC, but a simple gain stage kit should only be a few hundred at most. The other two options I can think of, would be the pass B1 buffer clone kit preamp for 150 dollars, but I don't know if it would play nice with a high input impedance of the icepower amp. The most simple and cheapest route, would be be using the Sure digital volume control option. But I do not know how high fidelity that would be. I could really use some help. I've been out of this hobby for about 10 years now. I feel a bit lost and appreciate everyone who has helped so far.
Smsl su9 is incredible for $400
Low volume listening is usually not that great with a DAC direct to amp. Though I did setup my Matrix Mini-i 3 Pro with a Benchmark AHB2 amp 2 days ago. It is played in a big room at medium volume. I am not too concerned about the best sound for this system so I used DAC direct.

A great preamp for $2500 is the Benchmark LA4. It is easy to hear how much better this preamp makes a DAC sound better. It is quieter than any other gear you will find.
Hey YYZ... thanks for the insight on the DAC as a volume control.
And I will check out the SU9 Loomis. Thanks

OP there is no magic, just a lifetime warr. and great support. 
Their equipment is very simple and clean.
SQ is above the norm. and DEAD quiet.. 

You get your moneys worth with Decware, there is no doubt about that..
American made, start to finish.. There is a reason for the wait times..

Schitt for the money, pretty good SQ. They do run a little warm, though. They are a HEAVY little piece too. They have good customer and tech support. Everyone I deal with has good service. No shady suckers for me..


Low volume listening is usually not that great with a DAC direct to amp.

Simple fix
Most likely because it was "bit stripping" (lower resolution), for digital domain volume controls in dacs to give all bits (resolution), they need to be at or over 70% in volume, if this is too loud for you, simply insert a $49 Schiit Sys passive between the dac and poweramp.

Set the Sys volume control once only with the dac at 100% so you’ve got just over the loudest you’ll ever need, then back off the dacs digital volume, so then you’ll use it as the master volume in the top 1/3 of it’s volume range.

Cheers George