DAC Apps/Software

For me the usability/user friendliness of a DAC's streaming software is as important as the sound.  I'd be curious to hear people's experiences with various manufacturer's apps to see which are the most user friendly, bug free, etc...
piCore player is open source and runs on top of Logitech Media Server. Control app for Android Is Orange Squeeze. It is the most customizable, rock steady app that I’ve found. Allo Signature ships with 3 different apps + Roon.I tried the all and loaded piCore instead. Where BloOs will show the station, it displays album art. I run 2 streamers with it. It has plugins for almost everything.
DAC’s don’t use stream software. Streamers do.
I don't think I was clear. Several DAC manufacturers have their own proprietary streaming apps. Naim has one, Gold Note another, etc... Tidal, QoBuzz, Spotify and other services can be run though these apps. This eliminates the need for a computer to stream. I'm looking for feedback on the various DAC mfr's apps- i.e. the apps that control the streaming services through these DACs.

I'm not looking to overcomplicate things.  Using the DAC's app would be the simplist way to stream.
op - you mean software and user interface as pertaining to streamers, not dacs

streamers may have dacs attached... or not...