Dac and SPDIF

OK I am a noob in all this so please go easy. I ordered a DAC for my computer which output to what was described as RCA. I *thought* that the DAC would convert the signal from digital to analog (Digital-to-Analog Converter) and that the RCA in on my (old) integrated would accept the input, amplify it and play it.

What I am understanding now is the reason I only hear static with as little music way back there in the background is because the analog RCA jacks in the back of my (old) integrated aren't THOSE RCA jacks. There is something called SP/DIF which isn't analog (right?) and which has an RCA interface and which I need an integrated amp to have so I can input the out form my DAC via an SP/DIF RCA cable into the SP/DIF RCA input in my receiver.

Do I have that right? I need a new amp that accepts an SP/DIF cord and has an SP/DIF input in order to use the output from the DAC on my computer?

Thank you so much for understanding that this is all foreign to me and I am easily confused.
Did you order a dac or a converter to use with your computer?
Your dac should have a pair of RCA output jacks that would go to your amplifier. The spdif jack looks the same, but is an input jack for the dac. Assuming your computer has USB , your dac will need a USB input. The coax input is not needed, unless your computer has an digital coax output.