DAC/AMP Repair


Apologies if this is in the incorrect topic as I am new here. I have a DAC/AMP that's broken and I am looking for a technician to repair, that's preferably in the US. The device is from a friend and told me it was sold to him in essentially soft used condition but wouldn’t power on, I had it looked at by a general repair shop and they said the device has a more complex issue than an electrical issue because the device itself was getting power. The device is a Monoprice Monolith 24459 Balanced Dac/Amp and I would be shipping from FL, USA.

Thank you for your time.
search yelp in your local area look for ’stereo repair’... your unit isn't worth alot, prob not worth shipping it around, just find an experienced high end audio repair shop locally
I agree with the above but if you are in the Phoenix area call James at 4803987362.