DAC Advice needed.

Hey Guys, at the suggestion of several A'Goners I am considering adding a DAC and using my Yamaha DVD S1800 universal player as a transport. I don't want to spend a fortune and sound quality is important more so than video. The Yammie has 4 Burr-Brown chip sets I believe, will I benefit from an external DAC? If so, what would you folks recommend?
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Yes , it will make a big difference. Get the Musical Fidelity V-DAC, one of the biggest bargains in audio. $299 from Audio Advisor and you get return privileges. Get a decent cable, it makes a difference. Blue Jeans have a reasonable one that is often recommended. Or you could use a $1700 one like I do if you are completely nuts. But the V-DAC is good enough to tell the difference. Sounds even better with upgraded power supply but great as it comes.
Thanks, that's a nice place to start.
The Cambridge Dacmagic is another good unit for about $400 (new). It compares pretty favorably to the Ultra DAC that replaced it (of course the latter cost four times as much).
CIA VDA*2 is a very fine, not too expensive,DAC.

Also, you might want to consider waiting a bit to see how the Wyred 4 Sound DAC, using the Sabre32, turns out.
PSAudio DigiLink 3 $699

Which upgraded power supply are you using for the V-DAC?

OP, I too have a V-DAC and it sounds pretty darn good; it does require some break-in, however.
Little Pinkie, from Scotland, runs just under $200. My wife got me one for Christmas.[after considerable hinting] He makes upgraded PSs for some other MF products, headphone amp etc. Appears to be made well and I think it is a worthwhile upgrade to an already very good product. In HIFICRITIC tests it [V-DAC] has beaten others costing $2000 and more. Check the British sites for users comments on the Little Pinkie.
The Ayre DAC is excellent.
Thanks guys, lots of food for thought. I appreciate all the great suggestions!
Stanwal, can you characterize the improvement offered by the Little Pinkie on your V-DAC? Is it worth it? (aside from the convenience of the on/off switch, which is nice).