Daber 2: better speaker in the world for $1k?

I've been listening at length to the NEW Daber Audio Monitor 2's, and I'm blown away. The clarity of the highs and the palpability of the bass despite the small size of the driver is knocking my socks off as I listen to DMB "Shake Me Like a Monkey". Is there a better loudspeaker in the world for less than $1k? How about for less than $2k? Just sayin....
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Have not heard the Monitor 2's, but can attest to the Monitor 3's I own a pair. They are great speakers. Work well with my tube or SS gear. The Daber speakers are well worth consideration anywhere near the price and above.
Hi Timocc

Are the Daber Audio Monitor 2's prototypes you are beta testing or QCing? I checked the Daber Audio website and they had no info regarding the Monitor 2s. Can you share some specs or other information about them?

Jedinite - What he has are not prototypes, they are the final run. Tim has pair number 001. He waited a long time for them while I worked out the bugs in my crossover. What he has should be well worth the wait though. I have not had a chance to put the photos on the website, as I'm horrible at web design. We used to have a better website, but it got hacked, and that is neither here nor there. Sorry to say it, but the best way to keep up to date is through our facebook page for the time being, though I hope to have them up on the website within the next week. As always, feel free to call or email any time. Thanks!
Hello I got the very first pair ever made. They are not prototypes, they fully mfg. I am about to post them for sale to upgrade to Daber's more expensive stuff. Would you like to buy them? I'll make you a deal!
I am pretty sure the specs are on the Daber site. They are a two way speaker with an INCREDIBLE tweeter. I can send you pictures. They are amazing.
Want a sneak peek at the best speaker under $1K? First look at the Daber Audio Monitor 2 #hifi #audiophile
Timoccc, Ok, your starting to sound like a shill.
Please let us know every great speaker you have listened to under two thousand dollars that you found your Dabers bettered. There are a lot of great speakers under two grand.
It's great you love your speakers.
Is there a better loudspeaker in the world for less than $1k?

Yes, hundreds of loudspeakers. Because people like different things.
Yes, excellent tweeter, one of the best domes I've ever heard. We're using one of the Transducer Labs tweeters in the Vapor Aurora because no other dome has as lively and engaging a sound. Be extremely careful as that dome is literally thinner than an egg shell and extremely fragile. I know, I broke one. Meniscus sells small screens that offer some protection for those probing fingers.

Looks like a Peerless woofer, Nomex cone, which is pretty nice too.

That said, there's no doubt that there are plenty of monitors in that price range which can boast better in-room response than Daber's posted response plots.



And while on-axis response isn't everything, it's about 90% of everything when it comes to accurate reproduction.

Timocc asked:

Is there a better loudspeaker in the world for less than $1k? How about for less than $2k?

I've never heard any of Daber's speakers, so I'm in no position to comment one way or the other (and no such comment is intended by this post), but as to "less than $2k", there is always the Daber 3 at $1800.

Just sayin' ;-}

I rarely ever weigh in on a thread that mentions my product, but I think that on this one I need to. Tim has been a great customer. He has owned three pairs of my speakers and is on the edge of ordering a fourth, when his money is right.

To give you a bit of background, I went through a dark period of life, divorce, loss of children, etc, which may explain the absence of newly listed product you may have not seen from me in the last year. Tim came to me at the time when I was finishing the Monitor 2. He ordered a pair of Monitor 3's and a pair of Monitor 2's. He owned the first pair of commercially available Monitor 2's ever, in fact. He has written me many a letter/email about how much he has enjoyed them. I told him that I deeply appreciate all of the compliments, but perhaps he could let the rest of the world know his joy since I was not financially in a position to blow a ton on advertising due to afformentioned circumstances. The recent influx of comments/posts are probably my fault for offering that suggestion. I think that because he and I went through very similar life events and he enjoyed what I have sold him, he wanted to help me out. He's been a great customer, and for that I am thankful.

As far as gathering other opinions, I can tell you this much; there will be an upcoming review from a very well respected source. Until then, Happy Listening!
It is just so classless for a manufacturer to come into a thread like this and trash another manufacturer's product.

Vapor caught my eye a few years ago in its first abortive attempt to bring a speaker to market. I really liked what I was reading and the first reports then of Vapor were exciting. Having said that, your post here and posts elsewhere leave what tastes like ash in my mouth.

Take an example from Duke from Audiokinesis or Ralph from Atmasphere for examples of how to post in threads whithout all the self-promotion and puffery.

I don't own Daber; I just care for your style.

Dang small smartphone keypad: The last should read I don't care for your style.
Hi Finsup.

My calling attention to the manufacturer's own measurements is trashing a product or self promotion? Really? I didn't realize that directing people to Daber's Facebook page was somehow an affront to decorum.

I personally think that the monitor has excellent potential. They are using very nice components in the system.
Seems a bit harsh! No problem here in his explaining the situation. IMO: Didn't seem to be shilling.
BTW: I enjoy posts by manufacturers concerning their product as long as it's not a sales pitch. A lot of manufacturers won't post for fear of getting pummeled. It's a shame in my book.
Yes actually: Zu Omen dirty weekend.