Da Vinci Grandezza

I have just acquired a 12" Da Vinci Grandezza arm, and have started a search for an equally capable turntable. I am leaning towards the TW Raven One. Can anyone share their experience with this arm and any of the Raven 'tables? Opinions on other possibilities are welcome. Budget is up to $6K. Thanks in advance.
Hi Mike,
I use my 12" Grandezza on a Verdier La Platin with fantastic results - "Best tonearm in the world" IMHO.
I was told that the Da Vinci Grandezza arm was origionally built for Verdier & the La Platin turntable when Da Vinci Audio was the distributer for Verdier.
Cannot comment on the Raven as I have not heard the Grandezza/Raven combo, but I have heard it on the Galibier Gavia & it sounded great (much better than the Triplaner that was origionally on the table with the same Dynavector XV 1S cartridge.
Great. Now if only a 'lightly used' La Platin would show up on here, I could consider it! It's a bit outside of the budget at retail.
Dear Curriemt11: Do you already mount your Grandezza arm in your today TT?

Regards and enjoy the music.
Hi Raul,

No, the Aries 3 will not take a 12" arm (and SME-type mount) as far as I am aware.


"Ask and ye shall receive"! One just showed up on AudiogoN about 10 minutes ago....


Good luck!

Yes, well, news flash. I just got word from my accountant regarding 2007 taxes. It would appear that this Grandezza is going to be back on the market :(

...thoses darned accountants-deliverers of bad news....
Hmmm, yes. Let's just say that I believe that I should have had a whole lot more warning than this.
Hello Curiemt11. I have a 10" Da Vinci Grandezza arm with the Dynavector XV-1s cartridge mounted on Bob Benn's SoundEngineering SC-1 turntable with fly wheel. Very happy with the combination. However, I have never seen a pre-loved SC-1 available on Audiogon. Sorry to hear about those taxes; always a bummer. Tom.
I use the Grandezza with a Raven AC one motor with fantastics results.
I can't think of a better match
Have been using the 12" Grandezza ona Raven AC-3 for nearly a year now. This link may help http://forums.avguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=3585