D2v vs Classe ssp800, which would you prefer?

I have narrowed my choice of ssp's to either the Anthem D2v or Classe ssp800 and would like to hear peoples opinions. It seems to me the anthem has more features but not quite as good sounding as the ssp800. Any thoughts on what you would have in your system?? I am currently an avm30 owner and love it! Obviously, I am very familiar with how it works and its set uo, i.e stay with what you know. My room is not thad bad either. The system is paradigm sig's, mac mc207amp and Marantz ud9004. (would love to own the Mac MX150 but it is priced out of contention. Thanks
I had the Anthem D2 with ARC and it was very good. But the Classe SSP-800 surpasses it by quite a bit. And using the XTZ Pro II room analyzer with
Classe's manual EQ I think I got even better results than with the ARC.
Definitely the 800 w/ XTZ pro. Heard both a few times.
Also heard the MX150..be glad you can't afford it...IMHO.
In the 150's price range look at used Theta Casa'2 w/ at least one Extreme card and HDMI upgrade to level 3.
nutreez - so are you saying you didn't like the MX150?
I am not trying to brand bash but I have heard better at the price point.
Especially at used prices.
Bo I have a friend who swears by Onkyo.
What's your spin on the Sherbourn PT7030?
Can't agree more on your comments on the front channels.Legacy's Whisper XDs are great in the front.