D-Sonic, Wyred4Sound or NewClear Monoblocks?

Greetings everybody,

I am upgrading my system to a better two channel set up, i am going to add the Wyred4Sound STP-SE preamp...but i am not sure which of these mono blocks could do the best job for it:

D-SONIC M2 600M x 2 $1,950
W4S SX-1000 x 2 $2,400
NewClear CL1000L x 1 (2 monoblocks in one chassis) $ 2,600

Very good reviews on the W4S monos, "Blue Moon award" for the D-Sonic Monos and Best of products from "Tone Audio" for the NewClear...??

Some says that the NewClear is beyond both D-Sonic and Odyssey Kismets, also a possible choice but $4,000

Has anyone tried these choices or compared them, any suggestions?


I have only heard (and own) the Wyred 4 Sound monos. I have both the SX-1000s and the new mAMPS. Unless you really need the extra power, I would recommend the mAMPS over the SX-1000s. The mAMPS have a better top end (more detail and air, yet not harsh at all), slightly warmer mids and bass that equals its larger sibling. There is definitely a synergy with the STP/SE and Wyred amps that is difficult to beat. I have a friend that has the D-Sonics and he really likes them as well. Not familiar with the NewClear.
I just bought my second NewClear amp. I still have 3 of the Murano P1000S monoblocs, for my video system.
The NewClear sounds noticeably better, which it should.
The B&O modules have evolved, (I believe the NewClear has the fourth generation of the 1000 watt module).
An example of the resolution of the Newclear, is my recent change from the Pass XP-10 preamp, to the XP-20. The detail resolution & bass, in my system have both improved noticeably.
I believe this shows that the NewClear is not a choke point in the system.
I have not heard the D-Sonic or Wyred4Sound amps. I have heard the Wyred STP SE preamp. It did sound good, to me..
I would be inclined to giving the Newclear a try... It is not a a bare-bone implementation of ICEpower modules by any means. It does appear to have implemented Lundahl transformers in the input stages.... The function of input transformers is to make the amplifier very quiet by enhancing common mode noise rejection and maintaining a high input impedance. This is part of what may have made the classic Rowland M312 amp (based on an older M1000ASP module) one of my very favorite amps.

In general, be patient with break-in of any class D amp and do not be discouraged by what you hear from them when they are factory-fresh... They reach maturity after 1200 hours of making sound, and when new they can initially sound pretty dry, with wild sonic excursions slowly abating during breakin.
I'd look at the W4S mAmp. It's based off the third gen ICE modules (the SX uses second gen)
Thanks everyone for your kind suggestions i would be searching more but for sure your words make heavy step in my choices.

Thanks a lot!
I got the same advice from the folks at W4S. Unless you need the power of the SX-1000's the mAMPs are a better choice due to overall refinements in sound quality. The mAMPs are based on a newer ICE module.

On a slight tangential note: If you have an all digital system, you could eliminate the analog preamp. I am running a W4S DAC-2 direct to a pair of mAMPs, using the DAC's digital volume control. To my ears this sounds more direct and superior to using an excellent analog preamp like the W4S STP-SE.
I know not on list but the Channel Islands class D amps are great, almost a tube like amp sound.