D-Sonic Magnum 1500 OR demo Cary Cinema 5

I'm redoing my home theater and not sure what route to take.
I'm happy with my Anthem MCA 5 for rear and surround. I listen to 20% music and 80% movies. the room will be sound treated with bass traps, approx 2500 sq feet. I can get the demo Cary Cinema 5 for about the same price as a new D-Sonic
Magnum 1500 ( 3 channel ).My speakers are Swan F 2.2 . I know these are two different types of AMPS but I would like to hear some suggestions. Thanks
I have the Cary 7b Cinema amp and love it. It powers my B&W 802D, CMC and CM7's quite well. Its great for music and movies- I listed to SACD and music videos as well as a small amount of movies. I have no experience with the other amp.