D-Sonic amp vs Halo A31

I am struggling to decide between Halo A31 vs D-Sonic amp. I need 6 channels of amp. My main question is sound quality . Has anyone heard either Halo A21 or A31 and compared it to D-Sonic amp? Restocking fee is high for D-Sonic amp so I would really appreciate it if anyone can provide some input. Sounds like Halo A21 and A31 are very good amps but D-Sonic also got very excellent reviews. I did like Nuforce reference amp but it sounded edgy at times.D-Sonic appears to be far better in sound quality from what I have read. Thanks in advance.
I'm hesitant to respond because I've never listened to D-Sonic amps. I owned the Peachtree 220SE and their Grand Integrated, both of them are Class D amps. It's my understanding that D-Sonics amps sound much better than Peachtree, but based on my experience I don't think I will own Class D amplifiers again. I currently own a Parasound A-21 and in the context of my system find the sound to be more musical. The Peachtree amps never had a natural sound to them.
Refurbs? Ive not seen refurbs very often. I'll second the motion that the A21 sounds quite musical, but i don't have any experience with class D.

I glad someone else said it, because Parasound is considered to be very reliable!