D'oh I killed my cartridge...now what?

My trusty Clearaudio Aurum Beta S met with an unfortunate accident and is no more :(

I've already had a couple Clearaudios and want to move to something different; at any rate, I think the AB was a little too heavy for my tonearm and I'd like to move to something slightly lower compliance to take advantage of the HiFi mod if possible. At the same time, I'm low on cake right now so my budget will be limited. My phono stage can handle output as low as 0.5mV and I am not interested in a step-up transformer, so Shelter and other very LO carts are out.

I'm looking for a great tracker that can deal with less than perfect condition vinyl, less than 15cu, less than 9g, more than 0.5mV output. My tastes are quite varied--all rock genres from all eras, heavy to classic, pop to indie, plus jazz and blues and a hint of classical. I would like a well-rounded and dynamic cart, clean as long as it's not analytical or sterile; a little coloration is OK as long as it suits my tastes and my already warm system.

I'm curious about the Benz M2, ACE medium output, and the Dynavector DV20xH. How much better is the Benz M2 versus the ACE? How do either compare to the Dynavecotr? How would any of these stack up to my poor Aurum Beta S? How about the Lyra Dorian--does anyone know what its ouput is? I cannot seem to find any info on it.

BTW, I might be able to get a deal on the M2; otherwise my budget is under 800. Rig is a Gyro SE/ OL Silver Mk.2. Please click on my system for other details.

Thanks for entertaining another cartridge thread! You guys rawk :)
.Lyra Dorion output is 0.6mV. Have one in transit. Is my first moving coil so not much experience. Call Galen Carol for more information. They were very helpful in my choice.
Can't go wrong with any Dynavector; they only get better as you move up the feeding chain. I have a DV20 and once used a Karat Ruby extensively; lovely cartridges. The DV17 II might be one of the better cartridges available in its price range.
Thanks guys. I have no doubt that at this level, they're all good. But I'm having terrible trouble figuring out what the sonic diferences are in these carts--searches yeild little other than "I have X cartridge, it is good, I like it." Has anyone heard/compared any of these carts? What are their sonic differences? I have found no info on Dorian and little on anything Benz besides the Glider. I should clarify tha I am looking at the wood body M2, not the Glider.

Is there anything missing from my list that I ought to investigate?

Thanks so much-
Well, not alot of bites on this thread but I've been narrowing my search and have it to the Benz wood M2 and the Lyra Dorian. This is what my researchh has led me to, and I wonder if anyone can advise me--make sure I have this right, and make recommendations? I would greatly appreciate it as I tend to be indecisive!

Lyra Dorian:
Seemingly well regarded fast clean sound, apparently good tracker, damn near perfect match for my arm (res freq. very close to 10hz), good price, could keep my broken cart, fix it, sell it

lower output *could* mean more noise from my phono stage at the sacrifice of dynamics? Apparently weak dealer network and not widely known, could mean service hassles if it came up? Seems I could take a loss if I don't like it. Mfr. website is inadequate, hard to find accurate info. No hope for local audition.

Benz Micro Woodbody M2:
nice to look at, output more agreeable with my phono stage, highly regarded warmish sound, great tracker, available to me on discount from a reputable and well-regarded distro that offers great service (I know this firsthand!). I know I will be taken care of if problems arise. Good trade-in program if I want to upgrade.

not as good a system match as the Dorian (just below 9hz res. freq). Mfr. website very basic; hard to find accurate info. No hope for local audition.

Have I got this right? It seems the tradeoff is I could eschew a great buying and service experience for potentially *slightly* better sound.
I had a dream the other night (nightmare may be a better discription) where I killed my Shelter 90X. Bent the cantiliver and tried to staighten it. Awoke with a sick feeling in my stomach but relieved that it was only a dream. Hope to hell that I'm not psychic.
Oh man, a 90X...that would hurt!

I am leaning towards the Benz M2. Does anyone have anything to say about it? What would the sonic differences be between the M2 and H2? I know it's generally said that lower output can yeild better resolution but would going higher output give it more of a dynamic kick? I'm primarily listening to lots of rock, some blues and jazz.
General remark regarding sound re, low & hi output cartridges. It's a bit of a chicken & egg dilemma.

The sound you ultimately get at TT source level is a combination of the phono & whatever signal the cartridge sources into that phono.

Low output cart: the phono's contribution to the resulting sound is more (see below), there is an extra amplification stage involved within that phono.
Hi output: the cartridge's contribution to the resulting sound is higher & the phono's less, vs. the above (in the case of moving coils, the step-up device is in the cartridge).

SO: if, in relative terms, you feel that your phono is sonically superior to the cartridge (i.e. it could handle the sonics of much "better" cartridges, too), it makes sense to go for the low output one, leaving the extra amplification required to the good circuit of your phono. If not, rely on the cartridge sonics instead.

Not very conclusive, I know -- but one way of looking at it! Cheers
I do'nt know if you've bought anything yet, but I have being trying to sell a new, boxed, Benz Micro Glider, nude M2 for a year, nowone seems to know about them in the UK. It came as a freebie with the Origin Live illustrious/Resolution I recently bought on E-bay. I have a Kontrapunkt B and Koetsu Rosewood Signature, so do'nt need the Benz as well. Interested, let me know.