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I have a copy of Derek and Dominoes' "Layla" a MOFI Gold Ultradisc II. I had the original double LP years ago, but sold it to a used record hut

My question is simply: After repeated plays of the MOFI Gold CD, I don't really think this CD is that well recorded. I played the disc yesterday through what I consider a very good audio system. Many of the tracks sound distant and as if coming through a silk or linen screen. Granted this was a late 60's recording with outstanding playing by Clapton, and Duane Allman, but too often the sound is congested, and don't have the clarity of even the most humble remastered rock CD's I currently own

The remastered Doors's CD "L.A. Woman" which is an Elektra 24KT gold CD sounds vastly better than the MOFI Gold "Layla" In addition, even though recorded much later, the Japanese remastering and pressing of Supertramp's "Breakfast in America" is outstanding in clarity, separation of instruments, and soundstaging,dynamics and even outdoes the Doors CD mentioned

No.... there is nothing wrong with my system or hearing. It is just a bit disconcerting and irritating that executive producer of the Layla album, Tom Dowd just let this one get away from him...and the listeners.

Any member who is aware of a better sounding and more recent remastering of "Layla", please let me know, because the MOFI Ultra Disc II version blows Thanks, Jim
I own 3 CD versions of Layla ... the Layla 3 CD set from 1990, the SACD version, and the 40 year anniversary version. They are all passible sounding, no more no less. The SACD is the best sounding of the 3, but that does not distinguish it as special. It is a shame, given just how good the playing was on the album.

To Rich,, Thank you for the input. I guess if anyone would question Clapton or Tom Dowd, they might claim this was a weekend, "burning the midnight oil" project as suggested by the insert info. However, that would be the "lamest" of excuses for desecrating some of the finest electric guitar playing in the history of the instrument and the music.
Nice and descriptive thread title.
Synthfreak. NO, that does not refer to the possible state of the recording session, as "drunk and disorderly". However, when I went back into the text of the thread to make a few corrections, the full title got clipped. I have had this happened before. For, the record, it should have read: "D&D's "Layla" Why is the sound mediocre??"

Some listeners may disagree.
Sadly, the original recording was not that great sounding. I remember noting this when that record was new and it didn't stand up to others in my collection at the time. Not sure anything better can be done with it even now.
Here's a lengthy article about how the recording was made. BTW, the group's original name was Eric & the Dynamos.
The July edition of HiFi News has an interesting article on this particular recording. Bottom line, great music badly recorded with a lot of tape hiss. Of all the various versions out there, the MFSL gold CD is probably about as good as it gets
To Mgattmch: And the really tragic part of this is that after various versions with only marginal improvement, no studio or producer is going to go out on limb and spend 250 to 500 thousand, to remaster the original master tapes and market the results. So music lovers and audiophiles are stuck with this anomaly of great music and incompetent and sloppy engineering.
Of all the various versions out there, the original vinyl pressing on Atco is as good as it gets.
Have to agree with Wc65mustang.