D’Agostino Momentum Monoblock Amps With Audio Research Reference Level Pre-Amp?

Considering pairing the D’Agostino Momentum mono blocks with Audio research Ref 5se pre Amp to drive power hungry Magnepan Speakers. Also considering Audio Research Ref250se Amps, but Lower power and tube replacement are downsides. Anyone out there with experience mixing these manufacturers?
This is a wonderful combo. Heard it many times including in my system. Dag amp and ARC pre gives a whiff of tubes but great grip and transparency. All tube ARC pre and Ref 250se will not be quite as transparent but more dimensional with better textures and richer colors. You can't have it all, but these are my favorite combos. ARC/Dag or ARC/ARC.
Agree with^^, should sound great! Enjoy!