D'Agostino Interview

Home theatre geeks just did an interview with Dan about his new company and amp. They've already done interviews with Nelson Pass, Bob Carver, Kevin Voecks, and Mike Fremer. The interviewer on all of these is Scott Wilkinson, who used to write for Stereophile, so they are audiophile-oriented conversations. You can also subscribe to the podcasts, but those are audio only.

One highlight of the D'Agostino interview: Dan was talking to a friend with military connections about cooling solutions, and the method used in the new D'Agostino amp is definitely one way to do it ;)

Other breaking news: Dan says (probably for the first time in public) that Krell amps make many rooms "unmercifully" hot :)

Just what we need another hot running amp . I guess it makes cents , A friends Krell runs hotter than any tube amp I've cosyed up with .
Thanks for the link.
The new D'Agostino amps are cool-running class AB. Similar to what Nelson Pass did when leaving Threshold, Dan is taking this as an opportunity to go in a new direction, although his comments suggest the new amps will continue to happily drive very low impedances.
He's not a believer in hi $ cables. I love it!
Usually after re-capping Krell amplifiers, we re-bias them closer to A/AB operation. Much better sonics and very cool running .
Enjoyed the interview .......

Interesting that Agostino did not use his situation and take some time off before jumping back into the audio amplifier business.
Of course he doesn't believe in expensive cables; after buying one of his amps you have no money left! LOL
When I spoke with him 2 years ago he said he was using Nordost cables at home. I did not ask what model.
3 years ago at CES he was using Valhalla speaker cables [kind of a budget cable] as far as hot running krells my evo 400 monos are fairly cool running when chainging a CD i feel more heat coming off my plasma than the amps. I wonder what speakers and cables he will be using at the ces next month?
When you are involved in the industry, many a times you are forced to use the "soap of the day" menu to appease those who play.

Dan seems like a really cool guy and tells it like it is.

I'll never forget his first KSA series at a local dealer running Apogee Scintillas, I was hit so hard with the hobby from that point on.
pure copper heat sinks on his new amp seemed to me nothing new to me. Anybody in higher end game pcs know this trick since all high priced upmarket cpu fans made with pure copper heat sinks.(I have one and has even led mini red lamps:))
I remember once we have discussed in DIY audio Pass forum, upgrading someones pass amp with active water cooling system sourced from pc market.
"I remember once we have discussed in DIY audio Pass forum, upgrading someones pass amp with active water cooling system sourced from pc market."

Did it work? My understanding is class A amps are designed to operate at the high temps. they create. As long as they have proper ventalation everything will be okay. Any attemp to over cool can cause damage or poor sound as the amp tries to rebias for the cooler condition?
I don't believe Agostino's new amplifier is class-a....
A few guys claims that they had project with Pass Aleph. Here is the link

I can't discuss how succesful they are but they seriously tried and made something working I guess.
The new amps are Class AB.
He's not a believer in hi $ cables huh?. How about for the rest of us?

From the Music Direct Website:


Krell Vector Power Cords, Take Your System In A New Direction. Price: $1,900.00
Krell Power Cord was introduced after Dan left the company.
Kodak, I loved that part of the interview too!!!

Be careful Dan, they'll be labeling you zip cord Danny!

I'm with you Dan. Not a fan of high dollar cables. But I support the choice for those that do to pursue whatever floats your boat.