D'Agostino Integrated With Two REL Subs

Need some REAL experience and advice for using a pair of REL G2 Subwoofers with a D'Agostino Momentum Integrated.

I have talked to the folks at D'Agostino and they say the Integrated should work fine if wired per REL instructions for a differential amplifier and two REL subs.

In the manual, REL states that
the key is to use the LFE option and wiring scheme. Connect as instructed except that ground should be connected to chassis ground on the amplifier (or
to a screw on the chassis). Do not connect ground to speaker output ground on the amplifier.

Unfortunately the D'Agostino folks do not have direct/real experience with this REL two sub configuration to verify that this would be safe. I can not find the forum and thread, though long ago
I thought that I read that this would push the amp into a thermal shutdown.

Bottom line, I can't ask D'Agostino to find a pair of REL subs and test this for me before I roll the dice. Is there anyone out there who has REAL experience
with this configuration or possibly with the D'Agostino Momentum Stereo Amplifier (which I am told is very similar in design to the Integrated).
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