D'Agastino Momentum vs Dartzeel NHB108

Looking at these two amps and wondering how they compare.  Does the Dart 108 still perform against modern amps such as the Momentum?  Now that the Momentum has been out for a while what are people saying about its performance?

I've had two Dartzeel 108 amps (at slightly different times), the first a little older but current and the second brand new (used with several preamps including the Dartzeel preamp). I would opt for the new D'Agostino S250 (or M400 monos) over the Dartzeel stereo amp. The 458 Dartzeel amps and a totally different story.

Ayre KXR-20 and MXR-20 is now my solid state of choice. The only other change I'd consider at the moment would be the M400 Dag monos.
If you're looking for muscle the momentum suits that very well. If you're looking for finesse and realism, choose the DarTZeel.

 I have had both here at the same time and did numerous comparisons.  What speakers will you be using?

 As the distributor, it is obvious that I love DarTZeel, but I do respect and enjoy the power of the D'Agostino.
Two very different amps, even though both are solid state. The Dartzeel can't push current like the D'Ago can. The better sound may depend on what speaker are going to be used.

Dartzeel:   Measured 160W into 8 ohms  230W into 4 ohms  but 162W into 2 ohms. This shows weakness of current delivery into 2ohms not even reaching the 4ohm wattage 
D'Ago:  Momentum comfortably exceeded that rating, clipping at 405W into 8 ohms 640W into 4 ohms while into 2 ohms  the amplifier puts out 1115W
This shows great current delivery into 2ohms almost doubling the 4ohm wattage.

So for speakers like Wilsons, bigger B&W 8** series ect you'd go for the D'Ago.

Cheers George
George I would put the Rockport's along with your Wilson and B & W speakers.
jwm841 posts05-13-2017 9:21pmGeorge I would put the Rockport’s along with your Wilson and B & W speakers.

Depends which model and if it had a test/s done so we can see the impedance vs -phase angle graph then I could answer that for you.

This old model " Antares" had a 3ohm load at 200hz and 4-5khz which isn’t bad seeing there is no nasty -phase angle at those frequencies as well. So both amps should work well with these speakers, the Ago having slightly the better drive/punch though at 200hz.

The Ago will definitely sound better at 20hz with pipe organ. because at 20hz there is 4ohm and -50 degrees which is a current sucker from an amp.
Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001 Space Odyssey) has a 20hz organ at the begining.

Cheers George
I've heard all the D'agostino amps in my system as well as the Dart 108 and the MXR-20s. The D'ags got my vote but there is something special about the sound of the Dartzeel. Listening to the 458s is high on my list but I have to make sure I have the coin ready to flip should I find them inexplicably irresistible. 
Thanks for the responses folks........I ended up getting the Dag, and it's pretty hard to fault.  Obviously a great amp which is very responsive to the gear around it.  I found it to be fantastic with Purist power cords and a tube preamp.  JTinn.......I'm running Tannoy at 96db so yes I think the Dart would have also been a good pick, although the Tannoy do love the iron clad grip the Dag has on them.
I’m interested in the NHB-108B. I’m also very interested to see that they illicit a $130,000 pair to make a comparison. Apples and oranges I would think, but interesting. For my mastering studio I’m looking for lower power, as I sit 7’ away in a controlled room (mastering) and the NHB-108 B would be replacing tube amps, highly modified Class A Push Pull Cary 211 FE. The pre amp is solid state and very, very good, Crane Song Avocet - balanced out. Speakers are Allegra by Joachim Gerhard, with external passive crossovers done by Jeff Glowacki @ Soniccraft. Bricasti M1 SE DA. Thoughts on the 108 B in this setting anyone?? Thank you
@brianlucey have you considered the Bricasti M15 or M28 amps? Since you use the Bricasti M1 it might be a great match and I'm sure you are aware many recording studies use these amps with great success. Have you had a chance to hear them?

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Look at Luxman M900 with its match preamp C900.
another vote for luxman