D-1000 Pioneer DAT on ebay - 110V

This gem just caught my attention: A vintage D1000, Pioneer's top of the range DAT recorder. It's on ebay somewhere in Europe (ebay.de)and it's 110V. I don't know much about this recorder, so please tell me what kind of money they usually are sold for? It has a defect but it seems that a repair will be possible.

DAT Freak
I don't remember the Pioneer D 1000 Dat recorder, but my friend had the Pioneer D-07 DAT recorder that he got in 93. That was the top of the line Pioneer Dat recorder in 93.
I remember he was recording alot off FM radio using the Pioneer D-07 recorder and the the recordings came out perfect. I would call Pioneer about replacement parts cause Dat players aren't made anymore. The main thing is the replacement drive.

The best Sony Dat recorder was the DTC-2000ES.
That Sony Dat was state of the art.
Here's a guy on Youtube that fixes Dat Players.
I would email him if he can fix the Pioneer D-1000 Dat recorder.