CZ-Gel cable?

Does anyone have any experiance with these I/c cables put out by madrical? I am using all ML equipment.
I am using CZ-Gel with ML equipment and they are a a wonderful match...they are used by ML when they develop their equipment. I previously used Nordost and Cardas neutral Reference and find the CZ-Gel to provide a more relaxed and full yet detailed sound. I think you would be very happy with them.
When I had Levinson equipment I thought they were a very good match, but maybe not the best match.
I also have all recent ML equipment. I have used the CZ Gel II, Transparent Ultra/Ref, AZ Matrix/Silver, Wireworld Gold Eclipse, Nordost BH/RD/QF, and AudioTruth. I finally settled on the Nordost Quattro fil. It truly brought life and transient attack to the system. Great cable for me. The other cables had their + and - but none were as satisfying as the QF.