Cyrus Phono Signature with or without PSX-R2

Hello fellow audiogoners and vinyl fans!

I must admit that the inner geek in me has had me really intrigued with this unit (on paper), and the reviews seem very flattering... but there hasn't been much discussion of the system on this forum and am wondering why.

Any owners here?
What do you think and how would you best describe it?

It seems like it's one of the most flexible phono preamps on the market right now (and via remote nonetheless) and is modestly priced even with the dedicated PSU.  What I personally like about the specs are the different gain, loading and capacitance options seem to make it very versatile.  Also - the latest version seems to be characterized as very detailed, weighty and tough to beat in its price range.

Right now I have a pretty modest vinyl front end (at least by A-Gon standards) but can see the Cyrus as a pre that should be future proof for at least a few years as it is so flexible - Just want to know what it sounds like from people that own or have listened to it.

For those that have owned it and/or listened to it and went in a different direction that would be useful info too.

Thanks a lot in advance.