Cyrus one cast alternative

Hi all,

I have been willing for some time to simplify my setup, to reduce the number of boxes / cables.

I listen 90% to Qobuz / Roon and 10% to vynil.

Currently I have a revamped a vintage Sansui integrated that still serves me well feeding a pair of Dynaudio BM6 speakers. Logitech transporter and Chromecast + a SMSL DAC for streaming. The TT is a Thorens 126 with a Supex MC.
It seems to me that I could reduce all my boxes to a single one with the Cyrus one cast (assuming to go MM on the cartridge) but I have 2 issues with that.

The minor one hat it lacks wired Ethernet, just Wifi. OK I can live with that but I would prefer the stability of a proper wired connection.

The major one that it seems somewhat under powered being speced at 100 W over 6 ohms (!!!). Why would anyone rate an ampli over 6 ohms beats me.

Anyhow, can anyone suggest a similar integrated ampli with casting capability, a phono input and adequate, not less that 100 W over 8 Ohms power ? 2K ballpark would be my budget for this

Thanks all,