CYRUS CD t Transport

Greetings, I'm looking for anyone that might own and/or have had experience with the CYRUS CD t transport.
How good of a transport is it compared to others out there on the market?
Any suggestions for a good CD red book transport?
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Looks like it may be a nice choice, however, may I humbly suggest the CEC TL3N (which I really enjoy)
Hello Rx8man, good to hear from you. Thanks for the suggestion.
I use to own a CEC TL-2 that I ran to my Dodson Audio DA-217. I ended up selling both and went to a one box unit, the Music Culture MC 501A (CDP) and the MBL 1531 (CDP), they both gave me better sounding music (in my opinion) then the CEC TL-2 and the Dodson.

I'm using the Music Culture and/or the MBL as the transport running to my Yamamoto YDA-01 DA converter. I like that Dac very much, good dynamics and a very natural sound.

I can't help but wonder if a total 100% dedicated transport would or could sound any better?

I'm open to suggestions from all ;-)
Love my modded (Super Clock, Black Gates in PS) 47 Labs Flatfish on Battery power I have ever listened to and I have listened to a lot of transports. :)
See pics on AC:;album=8005

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Lak, good to hear from you again, been a while.

Rodge, nice transport setup, I like the base it's on.
Nice pictures, thanks for sharing.

Was nice catching up and talking to my friend ;-)!
Rx8man & Lac,
Thanks for the kind words, I have had this transport for about 6 years and like the way it sounds. The upgrades take it to a much higher level than a stock unit. I have compared it to a few computer set ups and each time it sounds way better. Most comp set ups sound "hard" as compared to the FF. It is richer in sound quality and has awesome instrument separation with deep and defined bass.

What is your budget ? The PS Audio PWT is superb and aren't difficult to find used. Congratulations on getting the Yamamoto DAC, it is special.
Thank you for your suggestion.
For the time being I'm just looking at possible options and if I make a purchase it would be in the future. I don't really have a budget and am trying to keep an open mind.
My fear is a transport might not sound better, or just a tad better than what I'm currently using as a transport (which is the Music Culture MC 501A and/or MBL 1531) both manufactured by MBL and neither of them are slouches.
I'm guessing you know how it is when you start thinking about "I wonder improvements"...LOL!