Cyrus CD player

Has anyone out there heard the Cyrus CDi? If so what are your thoughts on its performance. Thanks 
The CYRUS brand suffers from poor marketing and distribution here. It's is a sleeper on this side of the ocean, but is a well-received true contender (no pretender....) in the U.K.
I don't think they have been available here for very long. FCC approval or something. I ordered one and hoping it is money well spent 

I asked the same question over a year ago and never really received answers from any Audiogon members. Please post your thoughts of the product when you receive it.
CYRUS puts out some nifty sounding hi-end gear, I’ve auditioned the predecessor spinner model and supporting units. In fairness, it’s the high-end supporting gear (preamp/DAC / dual power amps/ high-end cables/ HARBETH speakers) that do it justice . It is all high-end, quality build and at a price-point that may leave you gob-smacked as the Brits would say.

a caution: I would NOT pair this up with any mid-fi or lower end hi-fi strata gear. And certainly never with POS chi-fi crap product and never...EVER with any AVRs. These spinners -like all high-end sources-- will dramatically reveal all the weaknesses, deficiencies and especially the warts in your system.

This latest spinner is a WHAT HI-FI 5-star award winner


Sadly Cyrus have a history of CD player issues across the range


The CYRUS brand is a top shelf brand in the UK but its availability here in CANADA is questionable with the change in distributor. It’s popularity among dealers and buyers is limited accordingly and it’s actually better here than in the USA.

Because of its limited distribution, it suffers from a lack of brand awareness and popularity among many of the end buyers on this side of the pond.

It is expensive quality built hi-end gear, but it’s resale (sale or trade-in) value takes a hit due to its limited popularity if-or-when you want to move on from it.
Thanks for the input. I am concerned with the reliability issues. I'm running a Parasound A 21 with a Pass Labs XP - 10 feeding Legacy Signature SEs. So I'm excited to hear what this disc player can do