Cyrus 782 Speakers

Can anyone kindly provide me with some specs on the year 1990 vintage Cyrus 782 (Mission) loudspeakers? Any other info would be appreciated.
I have an owners manual for the 1987-8 Mission 765 speakers.Close but no cigar,but you asked...
...and I appreciate the note...hard to find info..guess I will have to pay the Audiogon BlueBook membership to get a copy of the Stereophile review....
Yes,I cant really think of another source.Not sure if Mission is the same company anymore,or even in existence.What,may I ask did you want to know?Bob
Wow, what a blast from the past. These were my first hi-fi speakers and they sounded great hooked up to an Adcom system. As I recall, they were a 2.5 way design standmount. I couldn't imagine they'd be worth more than a few hundred by now, as I paid maybe $1000 for mine brand new a decade ago.
Ya, I acquired a set a few days ago. I am really enjoying the sound (not usually a Mission fan, much prefer my Proac Tablettes) for such an old speaker. I'm just looking for efficiency rating, frequency response, plus any other info or trivia about them.
I have a brochure for these speakers if you are still interested. E-mail me if you are.