Cyro'd Outlets - Need strong hold on Elrods

I bought a pair of cryo'd outlets, but they will not keep a tight and secure hold on my new Elrod Sig 3 power cables.

Does anyone know of a cryo'd outlet that provides an extremely good "hold" on heavy power cables like the Elrod?
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Try giving your Elrods some support with cotton string. It will aid in suspending them off the floor and away from other cables. I hope this helps. Happy Listening!
The Pass & Seymour 5242 15a Cryogenically Treated Outlet has a fantastic "bite rate." Solid Olin #688 brass construction too. This is the "best buy" in the industry.
Take a look at the Pass & Seymour 5362AI's at Chris Ven Haus'
VH Audio
website. You have to scroll about halfway down the page to find them, but this may be what you're looking for. Sean
If you can afford an Elrod, you can afford Wattgate oulets.
Try Albert's Porterports. They grip increadibly well, I have some difficult cords to hold (like my FIM). Besides, it's one the best outlets around...
Dear Psychicanimal,
I agree with your comments regarding the Wattgate (as well as Hubbells), but the question asked was about grip. We offer many outlets and we have found the Cryo'd P&S 5242 (or Acme Audio Labs, as it is a modified P&S) to offers the highest "bite."
I agree with (Jfech)They are the Best.
Dan, are you saying that the Acme I bought from you grips better than the Wattgate?
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Thanks to all of you....(except the devilish angelic pin-headed response) to my question.
Dear Psychicanimal, Absolutely, they do have a high bite rate, but please let me clarify. The Wattgate has a very high grip rate as well as improved contact surface area with quality triple plating for outstanding a/c transmission. However, the P&S (Acme) will "bite" as if it has teeth (to the point it can distort the surface of the blades). It seems like he is having trouble falling out (don't we all) and this can be the answer to his problem. I am not placing the P&S (Acme) above the Wattgate outlet. But they do tend to "snag" the plug blades to help with his issue. Sorry for any misunderstandings and I hope this helps clarify my explanation.
I have to agree with the Porter Ports.I just purchased 3 recently and once you've inserted your cord in there in!
Great outlet!
As some of my past posts have reflected, i'm a big fan of Hubbel products. Having said that, these specific P&S plugs have a noticeably better "grip". If you read the link that i provided above at VH Audio, Chris specifically mentions the comparison in "bite" between the Pass & Seymour's and the Hubbel's. Sean
I recently installed a number of PorterPorts, but I also had an opportunity to compare then to some P&S duplexes. I'd have to say that each seemed to have excellent grip, and were about on par as far as that goes (based upon my very non-scientific observations). However, the Hubbell seemed to be a tad better quality as far as the connectors and contacts, though. I can't imagine either of them having a problem holding onto any plug. In fact, it can be somewhat difficult to get certain plugs out, they grip so hard!