Cybershaft 10Mhz master clocks, new products at various price points....

FYI to anyone interested in Cybershaft products; in addition to the new higher priced offerings with the option
to utilize either power from the wall or an external linear regulated power supply...


Single output clocks;

Cybershaft has also just made public on their website lower price options that don't sacrifice great baseline performance and allow you to select OP-level of the OCXO assembly from OP13 to OP19

For non-Japanese speakers...

Open in Google Chrome, look on the list of selections on the left hand page and select

"For Overseas (English)"

will take you to;

Any questions, let me know.

You can also send email directly to (note there is only 1 working email address now);

" " [NEW / ONLY email address that works]

Any questions or problems getting in touch, send me an IM and I'll help wherever I can.

Multiple Output Versions (option to use built in power supply or have model that uses external power supply)'

Model number: UPOCXO-OP21A Model with built-in AC power supply
Model number: UPOCXO-OP21A-D External DC dedicated model
Model number: UPOCXO-OP20A Model with built-in AC power supply
Model number: UPOCXO-OP20A-D External DC dedicated model
Model number: LTPW01P External DC power supply (with panel)

OP'XX" or in this case, OP21A or OP20A is the performance level of the OCXO. OP21 is a touch better in principal than OP20A, differences are minor

Single Output Versions (only use external power supply);

Model number: UPOCXO-OP21A-1 External DC dedicated model
Model number: UPOCXO-OP20A-1 External DC dedicated model
Model number: LTPW01P External DC power supply (with panel)

Single Output / Lower Precision (OP19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, see table below on that page rating and price option), this line reads like it is meant to be more economical choice;

Model number: UPOCXO-MA-OPxx External DC dedicated model
Model number: LTPW01P External DC power supply (with cast panel)

There are products (clock distributor) and other prior products.
Note I'm not listing all legacy/prior products above, only the newer ones.

They have a line of products for each need and multiple budgets now.

That's how I read through the plethora of options now available.

Hope this helps...
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@cykeric There is no difference in audio result as far as I've heard.  It's only a matter of what matches better with your gear for acquiring and maintaining clock-sync.  For Esoteric, LOW is best.
@cykeric I do not know regarding the SOULNOTE....being an audio consumer, I can only tell you what I’ve either directly tested or what people I know of with specific gear and Cybershaft clocks have told me or written directly. On the SotM product I only know of 3 people personally (there are more but I don’t know them) who master clock SotM devices with a Cybershaft. The product you ask about seems to require an add-on adapter to take a 10 Mhz input so unsure about that one.  

You might try posting your question on the Cybershaft threads on What’s Best Forum; there are several guys from Hong Kong and other locations who try many different clocks with many different devices; it’s possible one off them have more experience with SOULNOTE and SotM.

I wish i could get my hands on a SOULNOTE P-3 and D-2; they look fantastic and at a price that is reasonable. I only wish they utilized the new Rohm Semiconductor DACs that Luxman just included in their top player or AKM’s 4497 or 4499 as used in the prior Esoteric product top-line.

For anyone interested now or in the future, I've recently been told that Cybershaft now has an "Overseas Web Shop" all in English:

[ NEW Cybershaft Overseas Web Shop ][/B]

the legacy Japanese site

 still works and you'll find a link to the above on the "For overseas (English)" menu item...