Cutting edge designs: Symposium Reflection.

I just heard the symposium reflection speakers. They are most certainly in the top league.
It's interesting how I enjoy them and also my speakers the Merlin VSM, yet they employ different cross-over designs. The Merlin's mid-bass driver covers most of the frequency while the tweeter does the last bit on top , while the Symposium's upper bass-mid-tweeter covers most of the frequency and the bass covers the bottom end.
They both sound excellent.
The new driver in the Sym's are magical, very fast, transparent and life-like sounding. The speakers certainly disappeared. If I could I would get them immediately. They have dethroned the mbl's or at least tied them.
Though the symposium's are dipole it would be interesting if the sym's driver can be made with an omni-directional driver, that would be the ultimate.
Which speakers are cutting edge today? And what is the trend today to reach this level of excellence?